The Corporation is staffed by a solid team of professionals. They are involved in the day to day operations of the Corporation to meet its goals and manage the risks associated with the operations. The Corporation currently has a complement of 5 staff members in the following positions:

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
This position is currently occupied by Carmen Gomez-Trigg. The CEO works closely with the Board providing directions and initiatives in meeting the goals of the organization. The CEO is the face of the organization and has the additional role of marketing the organization.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Bernard Thomas is the Chief Finance Officer, and he is responsible for the design and implementation of all financial systems necessary to operate ECPCGC, including the Financial management aspect. He leads the financial reporting and planning of the organization and also manages the investment portfolio. He serves as a member of several Board committees.

Senior Operations Officer (SOO)
Kimberly Andrews is the Senior Operations Officer and is responsible for providing overall credit and risk guidance for the financial programmes offered by the Corporation. She works closely with the Credit Officer in the management of the guarantees that are submitted by Participating Lenders.

Credit Officer Officer (CO)
Chaz Nisbett is the Credit Officer. He is responsible for performing the first analysis and first review of all applications for loan guarantees from the Participating Lenders. He works in tandem with the Senior Operations Officer and together they manage the flow of guarantees in the system.

Administrative Assistant (AA)
Leahrah is the current AA. She handles the office administration and provides support to the other team members.